Away from home.......forever
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+ Comments Away from home.......forever - 2008-05-02 22:07:19
There is a place among the forest and rocky mountains, quite isolated, where we have lived for most of our lives. It is a refugee camp. A fence is around the camp and it is like a strong barrier between the local and us. Food, shelter and health care are available to those inside, but they are not really complete. Still they are better than in our village in Burma. Whether we work here or not.... it doesn' t matter, the food will come to us. But we are made as human beings, not only to survive. we are made for other things; happiness, relationships, community pride. Here we often feel lonely and lost, but we must stay. If we go back to our native land we will face poverty, abuse, killing, again. If we leave for a third country we will face great challenges, strange people in a strange society in a strange land. We did not leave home to wait to resettle. We left home to wait for peace in our land. This place is already far from our home, please don't make us move further away. Everyone who is away from their home forever, knows how much pain this gives to the heart.