Please… a safe place
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+ Comments Please… a safe place - 2008-05-02 22:09:35
The rain is so heavy. It has not stopped since yesterday. The trees are like a roof, but they are not enough to protect us from heavy rain. The piece of plastic sheet we are using is too small. We are all getting so cold. All of our clothes are wet, but not our minds. Our minds are burning, empty but for feelings of insecurity. We know that we will be in our village, if we walk for a while. But nobody thinks about that, because it is very risky and government soldiers have arrived over there. Also we should not move forwards from these trees, as the place we are staying used to be a front-line. Landmines can be somewhere... maybe around us. We can not move any distance from here without a guide who knows this place. The sky is more and more becoming grey. The forest is more and more becoming dark. Where can we find a safe place? By MMT