Poverty, fear, hiding, are always in my life
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+ Comments Poverty, fear, hiding, are always in my life - 2008-05-18 04:51:54
I was born in poverty. I grew up in poverty. I have children and grandchildren and they are also poor. In my country, just to get a regular income to survive was a struggle. We did not have time to think about why it was like this. By MMT We felt so weak. We were scared of almost everything. That’s why we left home. Now I have lived with my family in another country for twenty years. We still do not have any money to save, even though everybody in the family has worked. None of us has any legal status. Police can arrest us for this. Police can come and check anytime. We can not sleep well in the night. Before we thought: “if we come and work here it will be better than it is in Burma”. Really, the situation we face right now is not the same as we thought it would be. By MMT - January 2007