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+ Comments My school - 2008-05-18 05:00:32
There is cold and hard ground in my school. We really like it. We play on the ground. We study on the ground. We also sit and write on the ground. There are no toys, no snacks and no regular lunches, but there is water. We get water for drinking from a stream near our school. One time I heard that the water we drink is not good for health. The stream we take water from flows through a cornfield. The farmer uses a lot of fertiliser on the field and this chemical gets into the water of our stream. I don’t know what is the chemical. I don’t know how harmful it is to our bodies. After we play, we are tired, we are thirsty, and we drink the water. And we forget it is dangerous for us. We must drink it because we can not easily get any other, only this water with chemicals, from the stream near my school. By MMT - September 2007