A new home in a new place, again
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+ Comments A new home in a new place, again - 2008-05-18 05:03:25
This place will be our new home. Tall and large trees, green and beautiful hills, birds singing and flying all around. This place is so peaceful. But I do not like this place. The trees in this forest are not as green as the trees near our old house. The birds’ song from this forest is not as sweet as the birds’ song near our old house. My father said we have to stay here. I want to ask him, but I do not ask… “How long the house will be here for, when the house will be destroyed and when we will have to leave for another place, again?”. Our old home was recently destroyed and is not yet gone from my mind. The smell of ash and the heat from the fire are still with me. By MMT - January 2007