I am worried for them
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+ Comments I am worried for them - 2008-08-24 12:48:21
The rain stopped just a few minutes ago. The sky is not yet clear. It is still grey. We can not hear any bird song either. The forest is quiet. I don’t like it so quiet, but it is better for us. If we make a noise the Burmese army soldiers can guess where we are. That I fear, I run and I hide from Burmese soldiers, not only now, but ever since I was a child. My childhood was full or running instead of fun. I should not always think about that, but it comes to my mind often, as a nightmare. I liked the rainy season. Even though it made the floor of our bamboo house wet, we slept well. The night in the rainy season was peaceful for us. But in the dry season, winter or summer, we could not sleep well. because it is easy to travel and the soldiers can come to our village much more. Sometimes the village I lived in became the battlefield. We villagers were caught between the two sides. Many kinds of noise from different weapons were all around us. I always remember how scared I was between the time of the mortar firing and the bomb hitting the ground. At that moment I forgot to breath. I prayed the bomb would not land on my head. I don’t want my children to be in this situation, as I was. I am worried for them. Can they resist?