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+ Comments Helpless - 2008-11-05 05:43:58
The sky is not clear. The clouds are running. The surface of the water is shaking. Will there be rain? It should not rain in the delta anymore. In our hearts, we have not yet accepted the rain. A few days ago, rani came to our village with strong winds and brought a lot of water. People, houses, animals, fields disappeared under the water. People’s crying, animal’s screaming were drowned by the water. The village has gone. Families are separated. Many villagers are lost. Where are they? Are they floating in the water? Have they been swept away out to the sea? Often, I hear someone screaming for help… but I am not sure if it is real or not. The storm has already left from the delta, but so many bad things remain. We are all starving. We have no idea where to find food, how to find clean water. There is much water surrounding us, but it is useless. We can not drink it. We can not cook with it. We can not bath in it. It has become a foul liquid. After the storm, people and animals died in the water and the bodies are rotting. The village is like a hell now. Someone may come to us to give food or clothes or clean water. But we are not sure who will come, when they will come, what they will bring. Often I think that if I had died in the storm it was better than to be left alive. I know this idea is wrong. I know that I should not easily give up, but… Where is a hand to help us?