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+ Comments Comfuse - 2011-05-06 12:40:11
In our family, my brother and I are the ones who most like to eat. We are always hungry. Early morning, we wake up, say hello to mum who’s already busy in the kitchen, And walk half an hour to the mango grove to find ripe mangos for our breakfast. This is how we try to find our breakfast. This morning is unusual. We get up. We greet to mum. We leave home to look for breakfast. But we can not get any mango this time. Before we arrive to grove, we hear explosions. Minutes later, we find out it is from gun’s fire. And the noise ricochets all over the grove; People scream, dogs bark… We don’t have any idea what’s going on. Mum calls our names, runs to us, grabs our hands, drags us away -- Explosion, burning, calling, screaming, crying, running, barking, these make me confused. Is this real or dream? When I am sure this happen is real, we all are already on the river bank, the other side of our village. We all are safe now, dad said. We are nervous, terrified and hungry all at once. Ten minutes walk from river bank, we come to a place where other villagers have fled. Some have already eaten their food. Be quiet, Just eat, Because it is not your place, it is not your home, mum who was preparing meal, said. We all are so hungry. We didn’t have any food for this morning. We eat everything mum prepares. I eat a lot of food. It’s all so delicious. During the meal, I am thinking. Dad said; This place is safe. Mum said: It is not our home. It is not our village So we should be quite. I understand we should not noisy because it is other people's place. But, What I don’t understand is why we all are safe only in other people’s place. ( MMT )... [Acrylic on canvas (30 in x 22 in). The photo that inspired this portrait was taken by Partners.