I hope
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+ Comments I hope - 2012-03-30 05:58:28
She is sleeping now. I can relax now, also. Sometimes she makes me so exhausted. This morning, she cried constantly for almost four hours. That upsets me, even though she is my younger sister. First, she cried because she saw mum leave home to look for dad downtown. She wants mum take her. But Mum couldn’t do that. After that, she was hungry and she cried again. She wanted to have some snack, sweet or candy from the small shop. I couldn’t buy it. Mum doesn’t leave any money with me. I asked her to have some rice and fried Morning Glory leaves. Of course, she said no. I totally understand her refusing to eat it. I don't eat it, either. Mum has cooked Morning Glory leaves 4 days in a row. And we ate it three days before that. Mum has to do that because it is free, just picked fresh from the lake, near our house. It does not cost money; we have no money. That is why dad went downtown to find a job three days ago. If he gets job, he can have some money and we can eat some meat curry. Not only fried leaves. He supposed to go in the morning and come back home in the evening. I think he should have been 3 days ago. But he didn't return. Mum is so worried. She asked some neighbors about him. They guessed dad might arrest by police. Police arrests aren't unusual. Mum said most people here do not have any official status. We don't. We all are illegal persons. Police can arrest us at any where or in any time. Sometimes, people are murdered. But nobody knows who did it. There is no record to recognize we are living. So, nobody will notice when we are disappeared. I hope dad comes home with mum this evening. ( MMT )..... [Acrylic on canvas (30 in x 22 in)