Not This Time
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+ Comments Not This Time - 2012-04-01 12:43:53
I like the water. I love the river. I enjoy playing and swimming in the river. In the summer my tiredness floats away after going to the river. But in rainy season, Mum does not like me to play in the river. In rainy season, the river is more aggressive. The water is deeper. The water is dirtier. It flows faster and stronger. But now, I must seek flee in the rainy-season river. Our village had a terrible morning. Since dawn, the noise of gun fire from the mountain. Dogs barking constantly, everywhere in the village. Everybody's face lined with worry. My neighbors ran, my father ran, my sister ran. My mum, carrying my younger brother, shouts at me to run to the river. I jump from the house. I run to the river But the rain-soaked mud slows me. Before I arrived to the river bank, the raft starts to leave. I think I can catch up to it after a few second of swimming Of course, The water is dirty, swollen, flowing faster than any other season. It is the worst season, the worst reason, to swim in the river. ( MMT ) Acrylic on Canvas